Acne Scar Treatment

The skin has small holes or pores that can be blocked and oil and dead skin cells are plugged into hair follicles. And when this disorder happens, acne or pimple requires surgical treatment when it consistently grows and causes another to crop out.

With extreme black & brown heads, bacteria get a chance to develop and exacerbate the disease when the skin is exposed to air.

In the cosmetic world, there is a successful acne medication that must be taken when the problem becomes serious.

¬†Your Cosmetologist may also assess the severity of your acne scars. Acne scarring is graded into four categories according to one assessment system: macular, mild, moderate, and severe. A scar of grade one, macular, is red yet flat. A scar of grade two, minor, can be readily concealed by cosmetics or facial hair. Moderate grade three is “evident from a social distance.” It is more difficult to conceal with cosmetics or facial hair. Finally, scarring that is visible at a social distance more than 50 cm is classified as grade four, severe (1.64 feet). These scars are unlikely to be totally hidden by facial hair or cosmetics.